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Living will

Everyone needs to have a will

Know that your property is going where you want it to!

Helping you through the hard times

No matter your situation, everyone needs to have a will in place. Your will helps to ensure that your assets are going to whom you want them to upon your death. If you do not have a will in place, your assets may not go to whom you want them to, or they may be left behind and stuck in probate or other settlements.


We can help you draft your will and place it into effect. Once this is done, it allows you to let your family know the exact intent of your property after your death and it will avoid all legal problems that can stem from feuding family members.

In addition to drafting your wills, we can help you with your trust and we aid in probate battles. We have many years of experience handling these obstacles and are to here to help during this difficult decision process.


We can help with:

  • Power of attorney

  • Health care directives

  • Trusts

  • Wills

  • Living wills

  • Probate

You should know who will be making decisions for you. If you have not designated someone as your power of attorney, let us help you fill out the proper paperwork.


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